Anti-Karaoke® is a registered trademark #2,722,610 of the Spanish Office of Trademarks and Patents. In accordance with trademark law, the registration of said trademark confers upon its owner exclusive commercial rights. Use of the name Anti-Karaoke® (and all its variants), copying the idea, or copying the content of this website for commercial purposes, without previous permission of its owner, is strictly prohibited. Please refer any questions to


Anti-Karaoke® is trademark #2,722,610 registered with the Spanish Office of Patents and Trademarks. In conformity with trademark law, registration of this trademark confers upon its title holder exclusive rights to usage in the marketplace. Use of the name Anti-Karaoke® (or any variation of the name thereof), as well as copying the concept of the show or the contents of this web for commercial gain, is forbidden by law. Questions? Mail them to

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