Anti-Karaoke, Random Edition

Anti-Karaoke has decided to shake things up by declaring Thursday, November 19th as Anti-Karaoke, Random Edition. What does that mean? Well, those who want to sing will sign up as usual. But they will have to pick their song randomly, out of a hat. Or a drum. Or an elephant’s ass. The point is that we challenge ourselves by getting out of our comfort zone, and sharpen our performance chops. And that we entertain the audience as well, by not doing the same old, same old.
Don’t worry; we’ll put good songs in there! And we’ll give you two chances: if you don’t like the first song you pick, you can try one more time, and pick another one. (See? We’re not so mean.)
Don’t worry; we’ll still have the lyrics for you! If the idea is a stinker, we’ll revert back to the default Anti-Karaoke template. Whaddaya say? Come on out on Thursday the 19th and be, if not a participant in, a witness to the experiment!
Anti-Karaoke, Random Edition
Thursday, November 19, 2015
10pm – 1am
Sidecar Club, Plaça Reial, 7 – Barcelona – Mapa
Admission: 8€ (free drink included)

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