Anti-Karaoke leaves Sidecar Club

Everything changes.

Hi everybody. It’s Rachel from Anti-Karaoke. I have rather surprising news: that Thursdays 3, 10 and 17 of December, Tuesday January 5 (Anti-Reyes) and Friday January 22, will be the final days of Anti-Karaoke at Sidecar Club of Barcelona.

The A.K. has been in Sidecar Club for the past two and a half years, ever since it left the Apolo Club. The Anti is thankful to Sidecar, where it began its first residence there in December 2005, after its first few embrionic dates at the Café-Teatro Llantiol, where it began. Sidecar gave the A.K. another residency when Apolo and has always fully supported the show. These have been two and a half marvelous years, of unforgettable moments shared with old friends, the arrival of new generations, and the birth of many new friendships. Besides, the personnel at Sidecar have been terrific. In fact, the show has never enjoyed such a close connection between its fans and the people who work at the club, who seem to enjoy the show just as much as them.

But now it’s time to leave. Anti-Karaoke has enjoyed these years at Sidecar, but the weeknight on which it takes place — a Thursday — is one in which only a fraction of the people who know and love the show can actually attend it — is not allowing it to flourish. The A.K. needs to take place on dates that are appropriate to its festive, over-the-top nature; days in which its attendees can let themselves go, drink as much as they want, go as crazy as they’d like, getting onstage to sing (or not), without having to worry about how they hell they’re going to get up the next day to go to work. In short: the Anti-Karaoke needs weekend dates … and the club can’t help us there.

Unforgettable, unrepeatable moments; fears conquered; friendships forged. This is what Anti-Karaoke is about. It’s a ten-year-old show, for God’s sakes. How many events keep going for a decade without pause — without subsidies, without corporate money, supported only by the force of the personalities that light it up, and the passion and loyalty of its fans? Check out the Anti-Karaoke Facebook page; it has over 8,000 followers. There are people from all ove the world that vacation in Barcelona, and what do they have as a must on their bucket list? Anti-Karaoke. They deserve to experience the show in optimal conditions. And such conditions are possible.  

The moment to take advantage of the time left in Sidecar is now. Only three Thursdays are left in December: the 3rd, 10th and 17th. (Unfortunately, this year, we’ve had bad luck with the calendar in December: the 24th and 31st have been cancelled.) In January, we’ll have two potent nights: Anti-Reyes (Tuesday, January 5th), and Friday January 22nd.

The Anti-Karaoke is leaving Sidecar Club on good terms. It wishes the best to the club and all the people that work there. We’ll miss them.

And so ends another great epoch of Anti-Karaoke history. Please help us spread the word about this development so we can make the most of the remaining dates. Keep abreast of the latest news through the Anti-Karaoke website and/or the Anti-Karaoke Facebook page, where we’ll be announcing the news on this situation as it develops. Or write us here if you have questions.

Finally, and most important: thank you for being there, in whichever period that you were. You all have helped make a dream into reality. You have all helped to form a divine bubble of surrealism and good vibes, individualism and rock-n-roll madeness that has no rival.

Long live Anti-Karaoke! Long live us Motherf*ckers!

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