Last Anti-Karaoke Moritz of the Summer!

ultimo anti-karaoke moritz

Hi everybody! The final Anti-Karaoke Moritz of the summer will take place this Saturday, July 9th, from 10 pm till 1 am. Purchase ticket online This means that there will be no Anti in August… and the autumn dates are still to be announced. So take advantage of this opportunity of knowing, and rock to your heart’s content in the center of Barcelona, in the Fàbrica Moritz: Ronda

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Anti-Karaoke at Moritz Brewery

Anti-Karaoke Moritz

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have news for you about Anti-Karaoke, and it’s impressive: Anti-Karaoke will take place one Saturday per month at the Moritz Brewery in Barcelona. Opening night will be Saturday, May 14th, 2016. La Fàbrica Moritz is conveniently located in the city center of Barcelona, and one couldn’t ask for a better place to celebrate the “Manicomio en el

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Anti-Karaoke leaves Sidecar Club

Everything changes. Hi everybody. It’s Rachel from Anti-Karaoke. I have rather surprising news: that Thursdays 3, 10 and 17 of December, Tuesday January 5 (Anti-Reyes) and Friday January 22, will be the final days of Anti-Karaoke at Sidecar Club of Barcelona. The A.K. has been in Sidecar Club for the past two and a half years, ever since it left the Apolo Club. The Anti is thankful to Sidecar, where it began its first residence there in December 2005, after

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Mark Thursday, October 29th as ANTI-HALLOWEEN! Don’t miss this specially-themed show at Rachel Arieff’s Anti-Karaoke at Sidecar Club in the Plaza Real in Barcelona. There are two holidays for which Anti-Karaoke is a custom fit: Carnival and Halloween. These are the dates to break out your wigs, costumes and other weirdo accoutrements and let your freak flag fly, in good

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