Anti-Karaoke Featured in Easy Jet

Read original article: Karaoke Bars So you think you can sing? The onslaught of reality TV shows has shown there’s a pop star in all of us. Head down to some of thse top singalong joints. Anti-Karaoke Barcelona Monday nights in Barcelona mean one thing — Anti-Karaoke. With ex-pat US comedian Rachel Arieff as host, the evening feels like

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METRO: Anti-Karaoke

Nearly Five Minutes of Glory      ‘Anti-Karaoke’ makes a star out of anyone who’s dreamed of being one Would you like to become Janis Joplin and croon Piece of My Heartonstage? Have you ever dreamt of being like Axl Rose singingWelcome to the Jungle to the wild cheers of the audience? O perhaps you prefer to see yourself as Shirley Bassey dragging

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