Great news: Thursday, September 10th is, of course, an Anti-Karaoke night… which just happens to be the night before September 11th, the Catalan national holiday (la Diada). So no need to get up early the next day; you can rock and debauch to your heart’s content at this very special session of Anti-Karaoke, the “Anti-Diada”! Mark it on your calendars

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Special Friday Session: Intercontinental Anti-Karaoke!

This second Friday in June that Sidecar Club has so generously gifted the Anti-Karaoke will be an historic occasion: the first INTERCONTINENTAL ANTI, co-hosted in person by Anti-Stars Mawía and Cherry Bomb, with Rachel appearing virtually from her home-town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin — home of Harley-Davidson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the nicest pigment-challenged people on the planet! Watch Mawía and Cherry

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Don’t miss the special night of Anti-Karaoke Barcelona on the eve of Reyes at the Sidecar Club in the Plaza Real; an unforgettable night awaits! There will be special touches, new numbers and a “Secret Santa” interchange of gifts during the night. We’re asking everyone who comes to bring a small, cheap (VERY cheap) gift to exchange, in the spirit of

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