#10: Watch and Learn.

Photo: Jorge Alvariño

What performers, or performances, do you enjoy most in the show? What makes them special? How do your favorite performers carry themselves on stage? How do they interact with the crowd? How do they move? How are they when they’re still? Do they have confidence? Charisma? Do they look like they’re in control? Are they having fun?

You can study not only other antikaraokeans, but also rock stars, actors… even your Aunt Lucy or your wacky neighbor, if you think they’ve got the charisma you’re looking for.

Pay attention to the small details. Then think about your performances. How many of these details could you experiment with in the next performance? I am NOT telling you to copy someone’s style! To copy someone else’s style is to cheat yourself. Style is a personal trademark, and part of the fun is developing your own, organically and over time. The result is your unique signature, something authentic and not a pose, that no one else can ever steal from you.

Not everyone learns from observing others. Some people are very individualistic and need to learn from their own experiences, based on trial and error.

If there is video of your performance(s), look at it closely. Study yourself. Very few of us enjoy watching ourselves, but if you want to improve your performing, it helps to be conscious of what you did when you were up there. What do you like about what you did? How can you improve on what you didn’t like?

Never beat yourself up about what you think you did wrong. It’s easier said than done, I know, but think of each bad performance choice as a learning experience. The more painful or embarrassing, the more that lesson will stick with you, never to be repeated. And from now on, you will replace that mistake with a choice that’s infinitely better.

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  • Inquebrantable McGinty

    Right on the money as always! It çan be exçruçiating to watçh yourself on video, but it is essential, and I really çan think of no better way to improve…

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