The A.K. Forbidden Files

Psst. You know that Anti-Karaoke is NSFW, right? Well, sometimes. Also, depends on where you live, and where you work. In the case of Rachel, it’s no prob, ever, because frankly, she hasn’t had to “work” in years.

You see, Anti-Karaoke is a freaky type of show. And being such, certain behaviors are admissible there that wouldn’t be permitted in more, well, square situations.

We’re referring specifically to nudity. We’ve got no problem with it at Anti-Karaoke. In fact, we welcome it.

We’re not referring to American-style, puritanical and simultaneously sex-obsessive “nipple slips” or other instances of involuntary nudity; we’re talking about people deliberately, and happily, letting it all hang out.

Anti-Karaoke is a special show, and it attracts special people. And that includes fetishists and exhibitionists. And we love that!

Caveat on the nudity: it doesn’t happen everyday. And that’s fine, or else it wouldn’t be special. But when it does, you can be sure that we go out of our way to document it!

Naked (Anti)Karaoke Superstars

Backstage at A.K. (NSFW selection)


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