Our 10th ANTI-Versary!


Ten years, Motherf*ckers. Ten freaking years.

It’s still hard to believe. But it’s true: Anti-Karaoke celebrates its decade of existence on October 10th, 2015. (A Saturday. Yay!) We’re gonna honor this tenth Anti-versary in style, and you know where: at Sidecar Club, in Barcelona’s emblematic Plaça Reial, at 10 pm.

Anti-Karaoke keeps rocking, even seven years after the economic crash from which this country still has not recovered. It’s survived changes in venue and changes in schedule (though thankfully, not many). It’s also weathered the inevitable changes that time produces: marriages, children, unemployment, new jobs that, in this sorry economic climate, come with cruelly early wakeup times as well as the pressure not to f*ck things up by arriving to work still drunk, reeking of alcohol and decorated with remnants of confetti like some satanic cupcake. Divorces. Dramas. Bad rip-off shows with the same name. The corporatism bent on destroying everything strange, original, and charming about our local culture. The depressing state of the music industry: Madonna gives way to Lady Gaga; Amy Winehouse to Miley Cyrus; Michael Jackson to Kanye West Miley. Depressions. Bad decisions. Voll Damm and Cheetos hangovers and that one single piece goddamn confetti stuck inside our eye all night. Our destroyed knees and backs.

The Anti has survived all that. We have survived all that.

Therefore, this is cause to celebrate. Sí o no, Motherf*ckers?

Because during this decade, we haven’t just survived; we’ve constructed new personal paths. New bands and creative projects. We’ve made new friends and lovers. Some of us have even made new human beings.

And this entire time, we’ve been coming back – whenever we could – the Anti-Karaoke. To let off steam onstage, to enjoy watching others do so, or to connect with a subculture of rock-n-roll weirdos that we simply can’t find in anywhere else.

So let’s get together to celebrate 10 years of Feas Artes in the Manicomio en el Sótano — in other words, Sidecar Club — Saturday, October 10th at 10 pm.

It’ll be a historic night and we expect a large attendance. Translation, Barnaf*ckers: show up on time, especially if you want to sing. As always, the show will last until 1h. (You can sign up to sing upon arrival at the club; nevertheless, if you’d like a head start, consult the song list here.)

See you this Saturday at the Anti-versary!

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