Anti-Karaoke in Time Out Barcelona

Anti-Karaoke Time Out Barcelona

Time Out Barcelona, 12-18 December 2008


Up until now we’ve been talking about dance floors, but depending on the day and time, the music and atmosphere in the clubs can change drastically. Here’s our selection of the best sessions in Barcelona.

The Best — #1 —


Mondays are rough because they begin the work week. For this reason, any Monday session must have a special charisma in order to succeed.

Rachel Arieff abounds in charm and therefore her Anti-Karaoke resembles more a performance where the audience is the star. The way it works is simple: Each participant chooses a song from a list of 500 rock-and-roll hits, and forms part of a show with a sound quality equal to that of an actual rock concert. It works remarkably well, especially when you consider how unpopular karaoke is in our city. Rachel has innovated the formula and has successfully converted Monday nights in Barcelona into a must-do.

Starting in January, Anti-Karaoke will change location. Its new home will be La [2] of the Apolo Club.

Be advised that, beginning in January 2009, Anti-Karaoke will change clubs and move from the Sidecar Club to La [2] of the Apolo Club. And if Anti-Karaoke isn’t enough, you can also see Rachel periodically at the Llantiol theater doing stand-up comedy, a quite mistreated art form in our city.

Anti-Karaoke, Mondays from 10 pm to 1 am. Admission: 7€

The American that was the cover girl of ‘Time Out Barcelona’

Perhaps you remember: Rachel Arieff, the star of these sessions, received the cover of Issue # 7 of ‘Time Out’, dedicated to the foreigners who work it best in our city. Now we’re going on Issue 47 … and she’s still going strong!