Anti-Karaoke in ¿Què Fem?

que fem anti-karaoke

¿Què fem?, the weekend supplement of La Vanguardia, 8-12-2006

Anti-Karaoke: Memorable Mondays, at Sidecar 

Normally Mondays are difficult. The excitement of the weekend has ended and, no matter how brief the respite, it’s never easy to reestablish the rhythm of the work week. But… what if there was something special to alter this dynamic? Ladies and gentlemen, the remedy is called Anti-Karaoke, a true dream for the evenings of this unfriendly work schedule. Guaranteed diversion and good vibrations at Sidecar in the Plaza Real.


The polyfaceted Rachel Arieff (North American actress residing in Barcelona and presenter of the the show) created this concept, inspired in the clàssic karaoke but designed for lovers of high-decibel nightlife. All the action unfolds onstage at a rock club, something that offers an above-average degree of credibility. In addition, the sound quality of the songs is far superior than usual, faithful to the originals, and far from the depressing versions (let alone the vídeos) of traditional karaokes.

The List:

Aquí no hi ha pantalles, però els qui es decideixin a omplir una butlleta i sortir a emular els seus ídols podran llegir les lletres des d’un faristol, com els grans mestres. La veritat és que molts del participants ja tenen els textos per la mà, perquè es tracta de veritables fans. Costa triar una de les prop de cinc-cents peces disponibles, amb artistes com ara The Romantics, Jane’s Addiction, Motorhead, Nirvana, AC/DC… A la seva pàgina web s’hi inclou el llistat sencer per anar fent boca.

Rock’n’Roll Circus:

The hostess, who normally does a couple of special numbers in each show, encourages participants to use the diverse stage costumes they have at their disposal: wigs, hats, masks… All serve to help lose stage fright and inspire more craziness to the performances. Some regulars even come in costume, and it’s not unusual to see throughout the club veritable clones of Kiss’s Gene Simmons, to mention just one rock star with a characteristic image.

Without Fear

Among the performers, there’s everything from vocal superstars to song-destroyers, passing through those whom remember the originals with a sharp precision, and those who create their own versions with more or less charm. The truth is that it doesn’t matter, since the audience is completely engrossed in the show, no matter who is onstage. The atmosphere is very postiive and regardless of how bad a performance may be, everyone’s given a big welcome — another aspect that differentiates this karaoke compared with the standard form of karaoke and its competitive connotations. 

To Keep In Mind:

Since it takes place on a Monday, the hours are prudent. It kicks off at 22h. and lasts about 180 minutes. In other words, there’s no excuse to not check out one of the best and most fun evening activities of the week.  

Suitable For:

Injecting good vibrations into stupid Monday nights. 

Containdicated For:

Specialists in rancid Spanish pop music and other common herbs of the monitor and microphone. 

-Agustí Borlán