Anti-Karaoke at Moritz Brewery

Anti-Karaoke Moritz

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have news for you about Anti-Karaoke, and it’s impressive: Anti-Karaoke will take place one Saturday per month at the Moritz Brewery in Barcelona. Opening night will be Saturday, May 14th, 2016. La Fàbrica Moritz is conveniently located in the city center of Barcelona, and one couldn’t ask for a better place to celebrate the “Manicomio en el

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Special Friday Session: Intercontinental Anti-Karaoke!

This second Friday in June that Sidecar Club has so generously gifted the Anti-Karaoke will be an historic occasion: the first INTERCONTINENTAL ANTI, co-hosted in person by Anti-Stars Mawía and Cherry Bomb, with Rachel appearing virtually from her home-town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin — home of Harley-Davidson, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the nicest pigment-challenged people on the planet! Watch Mawía and Cherry

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Don’t miss the special night of Anti-Karaoke Barcelona on the eve of Reyes at the Sidecar Club in the Plaza Real; an unforgettable night awaits! There will be special touches, new numbers and a “Secret Santa” interchange of gifts during the night. We’re asking everyone who comes to bring a small, cheap (VERY cheap) gift to exchange, in the spirit of

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