Your A.K. Stories!

In its almost 10 years of existence, so many things have happened to the people who’ve frequented the A.K. Some have met the love of their life, married, and even had children! Some have fallen out of love, some have divorced (haha), some have gone on to meet the second (or third, or fourth…) love of their life.

Others have advanced on their personal journey in other ways: making new friends, gaining self-confidence, joining their first band, getting out of a depression. Countless people have shared wonderful, inspiring stories with Rachel over the years, but there’s never been a space for all of them to be documented … until now.

Any why not? After all, Anti-Karaoke is much more than just any old party or karaoke night. It’s a community. It’s a support system. It’s a place to go vent when we’ve had a bad day, get drunk and put your arms around the person standing next to you while crooning “Bohemian Rhapsody” along with a hundred other comrades.

What we’ll remember of all these crazy nights won’t include what songs were sung, who sang them, or how well or poorly they performed, so much as what happened to us. Who we met, what was said. Who we connected with. What we laughed about. Who touched our lives right in that moment.

So what’s your story? Share it with us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear about it!

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