• sad-clown-tw-600

    Anti-Karaoke Halloween Show Cancelled

    I am sorry to share that Moritz has cancelled the Anti-Karaoke scheduled for this Saturday October 15th in order to celebrate their anniversary. In all 11 years of Anti-Karaoke, I’ve

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  • ak-halloween-picmonkey

    Anti-Karaoke Halloween at Moritz!

    Anti-Karaoke finally returns to the Moritz Brewery in Barcelona October 15th of 2016: again, on a Saturday, as it’s been since its arrival at Moritz last Spring. And this time will be with

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  • ultimo anti-karaoke moritz

    Last Anti-Karaoke Moritz of the Summer!

    Hi everybody! The final Anti-Karaoke Moritz of the summer will take place this Saturday, July 9th, from 10 pm till 1 am. Purchase ticket online This means that there will be no Anti in August… and the

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  • Danny & Marc

    DOUBLE SHOW: A.K. & Coyote & The Lip

    Amazing news, everybody: next Anti-Karaoke Moritz, Saturday, June 11th, will be a double show! First, the authentic blues-punk trio Coyote & The Lip will be playing from 9 to 9:45; followed

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  • Anti-Karaoke Moritz

    Anti-Karaoke at Moritz Brewery

    Well, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have news for you about Anti-Karaoke, and it’s impressive: Anti-Karaoke will take place one Saturday per month at the Moritz Brewery in Barcelona. Opening night will

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    The Anti-Future

    Hi everybody! Rachel here. First of all, I’d like to say I miss you Motherf*ckers. For years, I saw your faces every week — or every month — or whenever

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    Anti-Karaoke leaves Sidecar Club

    Everything changes. Hi everybody. It’s Rachel from Anti-Karaoke. I have rather surprising news: that Thursdays 3, 10 and 17 of December, Tuesday January 5 (Anti-Reyes) and Friday January 22, will be the final days of Anti-Karaoke at Sidecar Club of Barcelona. The A.K. has been

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  • IMG_3555

    Anti-Karaoke, Random Edition

    Anti-Karaoke has decided to shake things up by declaring Thursday, November 19th as Anti-Karaoke, Random Edition. What does that mean? Well, those who want to sing will sign up as

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  • AK-Epic-Desi-Estevez-10-anos

    Our 10th ANTI-Versary!

    Ten years, Motherf*ckers. Ten freaking years. It’s still hard to believe. But it’s true: Anti-Karaoke celebrates its decade of existence on October 10th, 2015. (A Saturday. Yay!) We’re gonna honor this tenth Anti-versary in style,

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  • IMG_7172


    Great news: Thursday, September 10th is, of course, an Anti-Karaoke night… which just happens to be the night before September 11th, the Catalan national holiday (la Diada). So no need

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    A Parade of Personalities

    Photo: Naria Caamaño Everywhere I go, no matter what country I’m in or who I’m talking to, the response to Anti-Karaoke is always the same: “What an awesome, hilarious, fun show!”

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